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The year 2020, verging to a close, is one of the most difficult and hardest years in the life of mankind over the last century. Unfortunately, it is in the 20th year of each century for the last several hundred years that human civilization has been suffering from another global pandemic (to say nothing of local and regional pandemics)… Several pandemics of plague killed at least 300 million people, and the highest incidence in Europe occurred in 1720‒1722. In 1817‒1824, the First Cholera Pandemic spread across the world. One hundred years later, in 1918‒1920, fifty million lives worldwide were claimed by the Spanish flu (H1N1). For a year now, starting in December 2019 and throughout 2020, the entire world is fighting the 21st century pandemic – the global COVID-19 outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Despite all the difficulties that humanity faces today, life goes on, and the world scientific community is persistently looking for ways to get out of the latest pandemic trap. The world has learned the lessons of pandemics and learned to use the acquired knowledge and scientific legacy of past generations. This led to a quick response to the challenges that life presents us. In December 2020, at this writing, several pharmaceutical companies have already announced the invention of vaccines and the final stages of their trials. We hope that our esteemed authors and readership will witness yet another victory of science over the world's evil.  

10 years ago to the day, creation of the History of Science and Technology journal began. Therefore, we would like to summarize some of the work undertaken over the years.

The first issue of History of Science and Technology was published in 2011. The founder of the journal was the State Economy and Technology University of Transport. State Economy and Technology University of Transport was one of the three universities in Ukraine that mainly trained specialists for the railway industry. It is the teachers, students and staff of the State Economy and Technology University of Transport who became the primary authors of the first journal issues. Therefore, in the first years after the journal was created, its focus on the study of the history of the development of railway transport and related areas was apparent. Back then the journal was titled History of Science and Technology: Collection of scientific papers of the State Economic and Technological University of Transport.

Printed versions of the journal were regularly distributed in libraries of higher educational institutions and research institutions of Ukraine. The electronic version of the full-text issue of the journal (without division into separate articles) was posted on the University library website.

Gradually, the journal began to gain popularity, and as far back as in 2013‒2015 it received a large audience of readers and authors across regions and organizations from all over Ukraine. Accordingly, the themes of the articles changed, being no longer limited to rail transport, but extended to the study of the history of all branches of science and various technologies instead.

In 2016, the journal History of Science and Technology replaced its founder. It was the State University of Infrastructure and Technologies which was established through the decree of Ukrainian government dated February 29, 2016 by way of merger of two metropolitan higher educational institutions – Kyiv State Maritime Academy named after hetman Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachnyi and State Economy and Technology University of Transport. Accordingly, the name of the journal has changed into History of Science and Technology: Collection of scientific papers of State University of Infrastructure and Technologies.

The next stage in the life of the journal was the creation of its separate website in March 2018. Since then, work has begun on a deeper reform of the journal, which continues to this day. History of Science and Technology journal is constantly changing. Thus, steps have been taken to improve the design of the journal and bring it into line with internationally recognized standards. The composition of the journal's editorial board has undergone significant personnel changes. In April 2019, it underwent state re-registration of the print media and acquired its current name – History of Science and Technology journal.

However, fundamental steps have been taken towards filling the journal with original and high-qualty scientific content that would be of interest not only to the Ukrainian reader but also to foreign reader. Strict analysis in the selection of articles, strict plagiarism policy, independent double-blind peer review, as well as numerous other steps and innovations, have affected the number of published articles. If in 2019 approximately 25% of submitted articles were rejected, in 2020 this figure reaches almost 60%.

Although hopefully, a change in quality of articles for the better followed the change in their number. They have really become interesting to the international world community, as evidenced by statistics on daily visits to the journal's website by representatives from around the world. The journal generated interest among authors from different countries and continents. In the first issue of History of Science and Technology for the year 2020, articles by authors representing universities and research organizations from Ghana, Canada, USA, Spain, Russia and Ukraine were published.

Thus, in the second issue of 2020, History of Science and Technology journal introduces its readers to articles by authors from around the world, namely Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain and Ukraine.

While summing up our 10 years’ work, we would like not to be limited to bare figures. Thus, History of Science and Technology has published 10 volumes and 17 issues over the years, which include more than 400 articles by various authors. And of course, each of these published articles has undergone a great deal of work by authors, editors, reviewers, proof-readers, print workers, etc. All these people primarily have always been trying to make History of Science and Technology journal interesting for you, our Readers!

Our team will keep working enthusiastically and persistently on it!


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