Contribution of Ye.Н. Chykalenko of the development rural farms оf Ukraine

Keywords: Ye.Н. Chykalenko, scientific-popularization books, advices and recommendations, plant growing, animal husbandry, source


The intellectual heritage of the outstanding public figure, philanthropist and publicist Yevhen Harlampijevich Chykalenko (1861-1929) made it possible to conduct a context analysis of the original content and form of material disclosure. He was into the publication of the «Conversation about agricultural household» (1897, Odessa, reprinting in 1910-1912, St. Petersburg) in five books, which were prepared on the basis of their own experience of management in the form of dialogue with the interlocutor. The books were collected together, in the range of a consistent change in related areas of the agricultural sector. The first book examines the meaning of black steam, tools for its care through the system of crop rotation. In the second - the question of animal husbandry: breeds of horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, mainly of European origin. The third concerns natural hayfields as the first sown herbs (alfalfa, esperant, clover), corn and beet (fodder), technology of sowing, care and harvesting. Fourth book is about grape cultivars, peculiarities of cultivation, various varieties, their importance for nutrition and wine production. The fifth one deals with the issues of foundation and growing the garden, caring about it; berries, grafting trees, varieties for drying and fresh consumption. Of course, "Conversations ..." in their significance increased beyond the agrarian sector, they acquired a general historical significance. This book showed the popularization and educational dominants of the internal nature of  Ye. Chykalenko; his desire to help his people not only materially, but also with thought, advice and action. At the same time, they are perceived as a constructive and productive source in the history of Ukraine, which is able to provide information on the development of the economy, the ways of connecting, in particular, the railways, which were exporting grain to Odessa and other agricultural products for export. In the same time, were imported highly productive breeds of horses, cattle, sheep and pigs, as well as highly productive varieties of plants. As a result the publication of five books "Conversations ..." is perceived as a source of important information about the "Material canvas of our history."


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