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Editor-in-chief of the journal “History of science and technology” – Oleh Yaroslavovych Pylypchuk – Doctor of Science, Professor, State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (Ukraine). The future scientist was born on August 13, 1947, in Oryshkivtsi, in the Husiatyn region in a peasant family. His father – a war participant and war veteran – died a few months before his son’s birth. After finishing comprehensive secondary school in 1965, O. Pylypchuk entered the Faculty of Biology at Chernivtsi University. He then worked as a teacher at the Kotsiubyntsi village school of the Husiatyn region. In 1973 he entered the post-graduate programme of the Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. After successful defence of his Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Morphology and biomechanics of the lumbar-sacral spine of the skeleton of certain mammals”, in 1976-1988 he worked at this academic institution. Since 1988, the main scientific interests and researches’ direction of the scientist is the history of science and technology. During 1988-1995 he worked at the Kyiv Pedagogical University – first as an assistant, later on as a senior lecturer and associate professor. In 1992 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “The Kyiv Society of Nature explorers: 1869-1929”. It should be emphasized that Oleh Pylypchuk became the first scientist who, in the independent Ukraine, obtained his doctoral degree in the specialty “History of Science and Technology”.  Oleh Yaroslavovych Pylypchuk worked as the head of the Department of history of science and education at the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Kyiv, and since 1996 he has headed the Department of Ecology and Life Protection at State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (Kyiv, Ukraine). Oleh Pylypchuk is the author and co-author of more than 300 publications, the textbook “Fundamentals of Ecology” (2000), study guides “The Kyiv Society of Nature explorers and Their Contribution to the Development of Embryology” (1991), “Fundamentals of General Genetics” (1995), “History of Science and Education in Ukraine (the oldest times – the first third of the twentieth century)” (1998), “On the history of Ukrainian Science and Technology: the chrestomathy-study guide” (1999), “Fundamentals of Ecology and Eenvironmental Management Economics”, “Ecology: dictionary-reference book”, “Sustainable Environmentally Safe Development and Ukraine” (2002), “Transport Ecology” and “Fundamentals of Ecology” (2004), as well as popular works “Animals from the Red Book” (1986), “The Mysterious World of Sirens” (1988), “These Puzzling Mustelinae (Martens)” (1989). The distinguishing feature of O. Ya. Pylypchuk’s scientific works has always been the humanization of the history of Ukrainian science, the return of names of dozens prominent figures covered with the sands of undeserving oblivion, and the active involvement of archive materials previously untapped by researchers to the scientific circulation. Under O. Ya. Pylypchuk’s scientific supervision, four doctoral students defended their doctoral dissertations and 25 postgraduates and degree-seeking students defended their PhD theses in the specialty “History of Science and Technology”. Together with professors Yu. O. Khramov and L. O. Hriffen, O. Ya. Pylypchuk was one of the initiators of running all-Ukrainian scientific conferences “Topical issues of the history of science and technology” and conferences of young historians of science, technology and education. In 1999-2010 Professor O. Ya. Pylypchuk was the editor-in-chief of the journal  “History of Ukrainian science at the turn of the millennium” (published 50 issues). Since 2011 he has headed the editorial board of the journal  “History of Science and Technology”. He is also a member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals. O. Ya. Pylypchuk has been awarded a number of state and public awards for his fruitful scientific and educational activities. For many years of diligent work at higher school and for significant scientific achievements, the Academy of higher education awarded O. Ya. Pylypchuk with Ivan Puliui Medal (2012), Oleksandr Bohomolets Medal (2015) and a medal “20 years of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine” (2012). On June 12, 2017 Professor O. Ya. Pylypchuk received the Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius from the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia-Ukraine Filaret “For Merits in the Revival of Spirituality in Ukraine and the Establishment of the Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

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